Who Didn’t Appear in Z-Cars


Back in 1962, Dixon of Dock Green had been a regular staple police programme on Saturday night television for nine years. In it PC George Dixon, played by Jack Warner portrayed the archetypal local bobby. But the series was criticised for being too cosy, predictable, and unrealistic. Then along came a new police drama with gritty realistic stories that changed all that, a BBC series that ran for 801 episodes, Z-Cars.

The series was located in the fictional town of Newtown based on Kirkby in Lancashire (later Merseyside), and the name Z-Cars relates to an imaginary Z Division of the local constabulary. The two patrol cars that featured in the programme were Z Victor 1 and Z Victor 2 and their call sign into the control centre was ‘Z Victor 1 (or 2) to BD’, BD being the code in Lancashire for the radio controller.

The series was not named after the Ford Zephyr cars used in the programme, though the Zephyr was used as a standard patrol car by the Lancashire Constabulary.

The theme tune to Z Cars was based on an old Liverpool sea shanty, Johnny Todd, which you can listen to here. . Compare this with the theme to the TV programme here  The theme was later adopted by Everton Football Club as its official anthem.

Of the 801 episodes that were broadcast between January 1962 and September 1978, only about 40% of them have survived. The original series was one of the last British television dramas to be screened as a live production. The episodes up to 1970 were made in black and white. There is more information about the series here.

When the first run ended in 1965, two of the detectives Det Chief Insp Barlow, played by Stratford Johns, and Det Sgt Watt, played by Frank Windsor, were spun into a separate series Softly, Softly.

But the most remarkable fact about the series was the number of actors that appeared in the series. It became a right of passage for budding actors, many of whom became household names and well-known actors. Around 1,400 actors appeared over the 16 years that the series was broadcast (there were 1467 characters in total).

Here are the names of some of the actors, together with photos of a few of them that you may recognise.

More than 100 Episodes (13 actors)

James Ellis Sgt Lynch 627 episodes, 1962-1978
John Slater Det Sgt Stone 421 episodes, 1967-1974
Douglas Fielding PC Quilley 340 episodes, 1969-1978
Bernard Holley PC Newcombe 277 episodes, 1967-1971
Ian Cullen PC Skinner 220 episodes, 1969-1975
Derek Waring Det Insp Goss 216 episodes, 1969-1973
Joseph Brady PC Weir 178 episodes, 1962-1978
Jennie Goossens BD Girl 146 episodes, 1967-1971
Paul Angelis PC Bannerman 130 episodes, 1967-1969
Frank Windsor Det Sgt Watt 129 episodes, 1962-1978
Stratford Johns Det Chief Insp Barlow 126 episodes, 1962-1965
Brian Blessed PC Smith 115 episodes, 1962-1978
Robert Keegan Sgt Blackitt 109 episodes, 1962-1965

Arthur Lowe, Bernard Hepton, Brian Blessed, Brian Wilde, & Christopher Timothy

25 to 99 Episodes (29 actors)

Colin Welland PC Graham 88 episodes, 1962-1978
David Daker PC Culshaw 84 episodes, 1967-1977
Terence Edmond PC Sweet 78 episodes, 1962-1964
Stephen Yardley PC May 68 episodes, 1965-1978
John Woodvine Det Insp Witty 64 episodes, 1963-1969
Allan O’Keefe PC Render 63 episodes, 1971-1978
Ron Davies PC Roach 60 episodes, 1962-1969
John Collin Det Sgt Haggar 57 episodes, 1962-1978
Geoffrey Whitehead PC Baker 51 episodes, 1964-1975
Pauline Taylor WPC Parkin 50 episodes, 1967-1971
John Swindells PC Bowman 45 episodes, 1965-1973
Joss Ackland Det Insp Todd 42 episodes, 1964-1968
Pat Gorman PC Knowles 41 episodes, 1967-1978
Michael Forrest Det Con Hicks 39 episodes, 1962-1970
Jack Carr PC Covill 39 episodes, 1971-1972
Constance Carling WPC 38 episodes, 1969-1978
Jeremy Kemp PC Steele 35 episodes, 1962-1978
John Barrie Det Insp Hudson 34 episodes, 1962-1968
Barry Lowe PC Horrocks 33 episodes, 1964-1977
Leonard Williams Sgt Twentyman 31 episodes, 1962
Sebastian Breaks PC Tate 30 episodes, 1967-1970
Geoffrey Hayes Det Con Scatliff 29 episodes, 1969-1974
John Wreford PC Jackson 29 episodes, 1967-1968
David Jackson Det Con Braithwaite 27 episodes, 1965-1978
Patrick Milner PC 26 episodes, 1964-1978
Ray Lonnen Det Insp Moffat 27 episodes, 1970-1977
Lynn Furlong WPC Stacey 25 episodes, 1962-1977
Brian Grellis Det Sgt Bowker 25 episodes, 1967-1978
Paul Stewart Sgt Chubb 25 episodes, 1974-1978

Colin Welland, Davy Jones, Dudley Foster, Frank Windsor & Fulton Mackay

24 to 10 Episodes (12 actors)

Virginia Stride Dudley Foster Harry Towb
Stephanie Turner John Challis Ronald Leigh-Hunt
Donald Gee Kate Allitt Alethea Charlton
Lynn Farleigh Leslie Sands Barry Keegan

Geoffrey Palmer, George Sewell, Glenda Jackson, James Ellis & John Laurie

Five to Nine Episodes (25 actors)

Diana Coupland Windsor Davies Dudley Sutton
Frederick Jaeger Michael Balfour Susan Jameson
George Sewell Claire Nielson Cyril Shaps
Nicholas Smith Jo Rowbottom Fulton Mackay
Bernard Kay Reginald Marsh John Nettleton
Jack Smethurst William Gaunt Sydney Tafler
Leonard Rossiter Bryan Pringle Bernard Hepton
Garfield Morgan Leslie Dwyer
John Stratton Lynda La Plante

John Thaw, Judi Dench, Kate O’Mara, Leonard Rossiter & Lesley Judd

Three or Four Episodes (46 actors)

Sam Kydd Lynda Bellingham Colette O’Neil
Glyn Houston Anthony Valentine Kenneth Cope
Trevor Bannister Davy Jones William Lucas
Norman Rossington Judy Parfitt Richard Pearson
Bernard Archard Yootha Joyce Brian Cant
John Thaw Angela Douglas Luan Peters
Patrick Troughton Ray Brooks Gillian Raine
Sheila White Dermot Kelly Jack Wild
Kate O’Mara Geoffrey Bayldon Liz Gebhardt
Jon Finch Hylda Baker Paul Darrow
Edward Judd Nerys Hughes Paula Wilcox
Anne Stallybrass John Sharp Patricia Brake
George Baker Brian Wilde Elisabeth Sladen
Philip Madoc Petra Markham Philip Jackson
Sharon Duce Peter Purves
Anita Carey Godfrey Quigley

Lynda Bellingham, Martin Shaw, Mollie Sugden, Patsy Kensit & Paul Eddington

Two Episodes (62 actors)

Johnny Briggs Frank Middlemass Angela Down
June Barry Mollie Sugden Sally Geeson
Keith Barron Donald Sumpter Graham Haberfield
John Dunbar Gillian Wray Patsy Rowlands
Alfred Burke Tom Baker Derrick Slater
Julian Glover Vincent Ball Sally Thomsett
Gordon Rollings Caroline Dowdeswell Jackie Trent
Coral Atkins Derek Fowlds Cheryl Campbell
Rosemary Leach Walter Gotell Colin Jeavons
Anthony Booth Kenny Lynch Susan Littler
Milo O’Shea Ann Lynn Campbell Singer
Peter Sallis Terence Rigby Diana Dors
Glenda Jackson Charles Tingwell Michael Kitchen
Gerald Sim Roger Brierley Tony Selby
Bryan Marshall John Bindon Rosalie Shanks
Michael Goodliffe Brian Cox Pippa Steel
Deirdre Costello Ian Lavender Alison Steadman
Morag Hood Pauline Munro John Duttine
Polly James Robert Powell Sally Knyvette
Andrew Keir Kenneth Cranham Brenda Fricker
Malcolm McDowell Anna Cropper  

Peter Purves, Roy Barraclough, Stratford Johns, Susan Jameson & Tom Baker

One Episode (111 actors)

Martin Shaw Jill Carson David Collings David Schofield
Kathleen Byron Geoffrey Chater Philip Latham Bill Treacher
Eric Barker Paul Eddington John Laurie Tom Conti
Judi Dench Peter Graves Francis Matthews Jill Gascoine
Arthur Lowe Kenneth Haigh Patrick Mower Hugh Lloyd
Denise Coffey Thora Hird Richard O’Callaghan Kenneth MacDonald
James Beck Renee Houston Mike Pratt Tony Melody
Roger Delgado Freddie Jones Maureen Pryor Wendy Richard
Patrick Duffy Geoffrey Keen Saeed Jaffrey Barbara Shelley
Noel Dyson Dinsdale Landen Edwin Richfield Keith Chegwin
Frank Finlay John Longden Arnold Ridley Angela Crow
Carole Ann Ford Derek Nimmo Deirdre White Patsy Kensit
Frazer Hines Liam Redmond Nicholas Ball Angus MacKay
John Hurt Alan Rothwell Stephanie Cole Roy Marsden
Lesley Judd Vladek Sheybal Sheila Gish Bob Peck
Cyril Luckham Geoffrey Toone Gabrielle Lloyd Gwen Taylor
Patrick Magee David Warner Geoffrey Palmer Ralph Bates
Warren Mitchell Nicol Williamson Stephen Rea Julian Holloway
Suzanne Neve Helen Worth Roy Barraclough Michael Byrne
Meg Wynn Owen Eileen Atkins Wanda Ventham Elaine Donnelly
Patricia Routledge Alfie Bass Lynda Baron Jennifer Hilary
Carmen Silvera Bernard Bresslaw Peter Copley Kevin McNally
Richard Vernon Ruth Dunning Wendy Padbury Alun Armstrong
Michael Williams Wendy Hiller Christopher Timothy Warren Clarke
Ray Barrett Gemma Jones Barbara Flynn Iain Cuthbertson
Rodney Bewes Roddy McMillan Louise Jameson Zia Mohyeddin
James Bolam Ian McShane Judy Loe John Rhys-Davies
Richard Caldicot Ann Mitchell Sharon Maughan

arnold ridley, eileen atkins, john hurt, francis matthews, patricia routledge, z-cars

Arnold Ridley, Eileen Atkins, John Hurt, Francis Matthews & Patricia Routledge

Going through these names one thing stands out, that there are no black actors and only two Asian actors, Saeed Jaffrey and Zia Mohyeddin. The gritty realism of life in a northern city that Z-cars brought to British viewers was obviously not reflected in the casting, even allowing for police forces having few people from ethnic minorities within their ranks in the 60s and 70s.


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