What Do I Need to Make It in the World of Business?


The World of Business is among the most competitive areas around. And with it, includes a lot of different opinions about what constitutes “good” business practice. But are there any criteria? Are the principles of conduct defined by something such as The Association of American Business? Or are there only certain elements that companies can operate by?

The brief answer is: no. Business is a dynamic field, always changing. Just because a company has existed for decades does not mean it is perfectly acceptable. The simple fact is that its much more than just business etiquette or professional responsibility. It is a means to an end. Businesses must learn to adapt to be able to survive, a great example of this is when Chicago Color Label started selling the Afinia L502 model which helped thel expand their busness.

Does this mean that it’s impossible to have any type of consistency or accountability while doing Business? Absolutely not. Any company – small or large – can strive towards complete responsibility and accountability. In fact, if anything, it should be easier for a business to maintain its own code of conduct and code of ethics in contrast to trying to determine what the rest of the business world is thinking. After all, is not that what business is all about? Consistency and accountability. One example of a successful business in South Korea is www.oncapan.com.

How do you know whether you’re on the right path? Every business starts off with the best intentions but eventually becomes mired in its own approaches, and begins to hurt itself. Ask yourself these questions: Why is my firm focused on the client? Is my company willing to do whatever it takes to protect the rights of the customer?

If you are unwilling to protect your customers, then you’re clearly not interested in their needs or the interests of the consumer. Can you define or explain your assignment? Do you feel passionate about your business? If you don’t have any interest in your clients’ well-being, you’ll be doing your company a disservice

The World of Business is a fascinating arena full of both failure and success. You have to decide to profit from your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Only by doing so, can your company to enjoy the kind of long-term achievement and longevity that only a few businesses around the world can boast.


Do not be afraid of diversity or risk. Risk taking is a natural part of being human. Innovation is a great way to find new markets, develop new products, and test market your business ideas. Always remember that Diversity is Key!

Finally, cultivate relationships. While you may be doing what you can to ensure the integrity of your transactions and processes, you must also work to establish relationships with other business leaders and associations in order to gain access to new resources, information, and possible clients.


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