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DictionaryMagnifyWords are sometimes used to impress, to demonstrate intellect, though it depends on who is speaking, and to whom. Conversation between philosophers or academics will seem high brow to many, and the language of scientists is too technical or just gobbledygook to most of us. That is to be expected. But when addressing a wider audience surely jargon should be avoided. In the art and literary world, though it is not exclusive to them, the use of big or smart words in articles, programmes or talks aimed at a broader public, almost appears to be mandatory. I would guess that many on the receiving end will not know what the words mean. Perhaps some will think they should, and others may be embarrassed by their lack of education.

Here are fifteen of these words . Do you know what they mean?

allegory, dichotomy, didactic, ennui, meme

narrative, oeuvre, palimpsest, paradigm, prosaic

recherché, resonance, solecism, trope, vapid

Here are the meaning of the words: Words to Impress

Is it better to use simpler words or phrases, or would that be ‘dumbing down’?


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