Engineering Education: Present and Future, All under a Glance!!

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The influence of Information technology in our lives has been immense. But, while technological gadgets influence our lives, IT has a lot of scopes that can pave the way for the development and progress of the country.

Growth of the IT industry

The ever-growing expansion of the IT sector has also raised the demand for engineering education in India. Known as Bachelors in Technology and abbreviated as B.Tech, it is a four-year undergraduate course that aims to deliver engineering education to students who want to pursue a career in technology and science. It is often regarded as the top transform engineering education in India. Engineering is one of the most frequently adopted courses and is expected to continue its charm for the years to come! Be it the science pursuers or the students who are enthusiastic to know more about technology, and this course is well designed to pave the way for bright career prospects. To support your studies, you could look into playing แนะนำเว็บแทงบอล พนันบอลออนไลน์totalwrcสมัครแทงบอลที่คนเล่นเยอะที่สุด online and earn some extra cash.

What future has in store for engineers?

Rather than solely focussing on the context of India, the question to ask is, does the world even need so many Engineers? Does the world need technical graduates? Is there a need for professionals who are well versed in the field of technology? The answer to all the questions asked above is “Yes”! The world needs well-versed, talented, and dynamic graduates who possess the right attitude to aspire and do something new! Moreover, job opportunities for professionals are always out there!

More within the Indian context!

Talking about what parents think of while making their child pursue engineering education, the reactions are generally positive. Being a professional programme in technology that lets you begin your technical career upon completion, unlike plain graduate courses (, B.Tech does have an edge and therefore remains quite popular among science students.

The Indian educational system offers a combination of undergraduate courses for students who opt for science and want to make a career in technology or medicine. However, both these courses require completely different skills and aptitude. However, what is seen during the admission counselling is the confusion regarding which branch to take up and which not while seeking admission.

Most students succumb to either parental pressure or solely chose the branch with a good previous placement record, which is wrong. Instead, one should take the appropriate time to assess one’s skills and interests and then match it with the branch they wish to opt to ensure a correct choice for which one does not have to regret later.


However, certain myths are ruling around best transform engineering education in India between all the hype and popularity. Marks and CGPA’s, unfortunately, govern the status of a student determining his potential. Marks are subjective. However, one’s potential and skills can never be judged based on certain numbers. It’s high time to let these apprehensions go and begin a journey of academia that can pave the way for one’s future in the field of technology and engineering.


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